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Q: Please tell me the features of NMN ZERO REAL.

β-NMN is a very important nutrient for the body produced by lactic acid bacteria in the intestines.

Using an auxiliary ingredient called nano-type lactic acid bacteria, we aim to create an environment in which β-NMN is naturally produced along with other vitamins in your intestines. It also contains black ginger polymethoxyflavone, which assists in converting absorbed β-NMN into NAD used by the body.

Q: When is it effective to take NMN supplements?

It is preferable to use it in a form that can be used as nutrients in the body at any time.

We recommend taking it three times a day: morning, noon and night.

Q: I'm busy and often forget, so when is the best time to take it once a day?

Cells regenerate while you sleep. If you are only taking it once a day, please take 2 to 3 tablets at night before going to bed or after dinner.

Q: Is it more effective if the NMN content is higher?

Just because you drink a lot doesn't mean it's effective. The recommended daily intake of NMN for adults is 150mg to 300mg. ZERO REAL has a NMN content of 70mg per tablet.

Q: Will there be a rebound if I can no longer continue taking NMN?

NMN is not a medicine, so there is no rebound.

The feature of NMN ZERO REAL is that it aims to create an environment in which β-NMN is naturally produced in your intestines.

Q: Is NMN a safe ingredient?

NMN ZERO REAL conducts human safety tests.

There are two types of NMN: α-NMN and β-NMN. α-NMN is a synthetic NMN, and its safety is still unknown. NMN produced in the body is β-NMN, and NMN ZERO REAL uses 100% β-NMN.

Q: Be careful as there are products online that do not contain the amount listed as NMN! Is it true?

Yes it is true. NMN ZERO REAL has obtained anti-doping certification from LGC in the UK.

We guarantee the quality of our products by requesting strict external institutions to inspect all lots. (Link to informed sports/explanation)

Q: Where can I purchase NMN ZERO REAL?

NMN ZERO REAL is a food product, so please purchase it from our authorized distributors that have proper quality control. (Agency page link)

NMN ZERO REAL has introduced a traceability system to improve quality and ensure food safety. You can check it using the QR code attached to the product package.

NMN ZERO REAL is sold in many major malls and resale sites, but please be careful as malicious products such as those with traceability QR codes cut out are also sold.